20 Years Line Maker

10 yrs @ William Hill Sport Book NHL Line Maker & Football Guru

10 yrs @ MGM Porperities Lines Maker

Information Expert


     I like the Little Less Talk, Alot More Action Motto as "Many so-called Sport bettors don't put their money where their mouth Is." So I show it over and over again. " We are here to Make Money ", not to procastinate making it. I have spent 20+ years working for a major sport book as a line maker. I stick to what I am great at. I Specialize in NFL and College Football as well as the NHL. My reputation in the NHL documented has been second to none year after year hitting the top part of the leader boards. Moneylines in the NHL are money, This past season profiting over 11.2% ROI after a successful 2016-17 campaign collecting a 7% Return. The NFL did wonders back in 2016 season showing insurance on a nice 129-95 57.6% record. During most of MLB summer months I am disecting teams and refreshing my mind ready to tackle the new season. Information and Connection is a big part in this game, and I've got both. During College Basketball You will get enough Sweat for Your Bucks as I show my Line Making Skills Daily on a Sheet to all clients with rated plays. Once again, Stop Talking about making money, and Join Me and my plan that I have for you. 




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