Todays Sports Consulting LLC

Todays Sports Consulting uses free picks to advertise for new customers base. We respectfully base these free picks on lines that are picked from a computer system which is based on a line of -3, +5, +11, -1 which then we carry numbers of (5) (7) (9) odd numbers. May sound confusing but Vegas bases alot game off stats and records, and home wins and loses. When we give out a FREE WINNER its based on high percentage win value of 80% or better we are not trying to trap the public we actually we want the public to win and clean house on there bookie....

Please remember these FREE PICKS are based off computer analazation and at Todays Sports Consulting LLC we dont except any resposibilitys you are takin the FREE PICK at your own risk. Note we do sell picks that are more highly gneratted and have better risk values, and are hand picked.




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